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Mac Sabbath has to be Seen to be Believed

Forget the traditional Valentine’s Day routine of the boring gifts of heart shaped boxes of chocolates and overpriced flowers followed by a dinner and a movie. That’s so lame. Instead do something a little different this year and take your sweetie out for a night out of some awesome live music brought to you by a bunch of crazed fast food mascots.

This Valentine’s Day, Mac Sabbath, the world’s best “Drive-Thru Metal” band is bringing their Black Sabbath meets McDonald’s sound to the Southgate House Revival. It’s a fun filled evening filled with outlandish costumes, including Grimalice on bass with his Grimace inspired costume and Slayer McCheese on guitar which is essentially a giant cheeseburger head with two giant protruding tusks. It has to be seen to be believed.

Some of their parady songs include “Pair of Buns” (Paranoid) “Frying Pan” (Iron Man) and “Chicken of the Slaves” (Children of the Grave). With support by local favorites (and equally as zany) Go Go Buffalo and standup comedy by Brad Sabbath this is event is a must see.

This year, take your Valentine out for an Unhappy meal and get weird.

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