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Video Premiere: Go Go Buffalo

Go Go Buffalo has one of the largest followings of any underground rock band in Cincinnati. They have an online fan club of almost 1100 members and there is a lot of hype surrounding all of their shows, music and content. All of this attention and respect is 100% deserved. Anyone who has been to one of their shows knows that it is a spectacle that cannot be missed. At one of their more ridiculous shows two of the members Grahm Lang and Tyler Moore put on gloves and boxed in front of a packed house of drunken screaming fans.  

Antics like this are not a gimmick. Their first full length album “Taking Control” was released last year in April and it is a wonderfully put together album from start to finish. Some of the highlights from it are the opening single Poison Patrol, with other epic songs like Watch it Explode, Chilis, No More Ernest Hemmingway, and Last Night. Most of these songs are story based and I have no idea where the ideas came from. Ernest Hemmingway tells the story of Jeremy Moore sitting around a fire with classic author Ernest Hemmingway. The song ends with them drinking gin and Ernest committing suicide by shooting himself in the head. Their music is not always this serious though, at almost every show they cover the TV theme song for the sitcom Friends several times in a row until the crowd is all singing along. 

As of today no one knows what Go Go Buffalo is doing with their next album. We will have to wait patiently to see what is coming next. What we do know is that This Sunday they take the stage at The Woodward Theater with Okilly Dokilly and Mac Sabbath. If you care about the Cincinnati music scene go to this show and give Go Go Buffalo your support. You will not be disappointed.