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Travis Brandner Photography 

Travis Brandner is a nurse and photographer living in Cincinnati, Ohio. He enjoys playing retro video games, vinyl, and cassette tapes. Travis goes on as many trips around the country as possible. Travis probably wants to be your friend, so please say hello to him.

Still Buzzing from Muse

Sunday night, during the final set of Bunbury 2017 I was reminded that Muse is one of the best bands in the world. Cincinnati needs to send the festival promoters a giant thank you card for getting this band to play Bunbury Music Festival.

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Video: Automagik

Check out Automagik playing “F**ked Up” live at Northside Tavern!  Video courtesy of Travis Brandner Photography.  

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Video Premiere: Go Go Buffalo

Go Go Buffalo has one of the largest followings of any underground rock band in Cincinnati. They have an online fan club of almost 1100 members and there is a lot of hype surrounding all of their shows, music and content. All of this attention and respect is 100% deserved. Anyone who has been to...

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Review: Phantogram

Last night Phantogram played a very energetic show to a sold out crowd at Bogart’s. As I was watching the crew set up the stage I knew that this would be a Cincinnati show to remember. This tour Phantogram has put a lot of extra time and effort into the stage and lighting setups. In the 12...

Video Interview: The Z.G.s

The Z.G.s sat down to talk about the punk scene in Cincinnati, working with their hands, and the D.I.Y. community.  Check them out next at The Southgate House Revival on October 20th (they are playing the entire Bouncing Souls Gold Record)! Video presented by Travis Brandner...

Video Interview: Filthy Beast

Filthy Beast got down and dirty to discuss their band name, the release of the new self-titled album, and favorite Cincinnati bands!  Video presented by Travis Brandner Photography.

Video: Filthy Beast

Filthy Beast goes acoustic! Check them out next at The Southgate House Revival on Friday, October 21st with Vibrant Troubadours and Scarecrow Sideshow.  Video presented by Travis Brandner Photography.