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Travis Brandner Photography 

Travis Brandner is a nurse and photographer living in Cincinnati, Ohio. He enjoys playing retro video games, vinyl, and cassette tapes. Travis goes on as many trips around the country as possible. Travis probably wants to be your friend, so please say hello to him.

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Interview: Sundae Drives

Sundae Drives sat down with CincyMusic to discuss winning the Best Indie Artist award at the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards, making good choices, their commitment to music and their next show, Winter is Coming at The Redmoor on December 21st!

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Video: Felixx Moon

Tyler Bollinger of Cincinnati hardcore band Flesh Mother has created a goth-DJ alter ego and released a dark, synth heavy music project.

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Video: Triiibe and Automagik

On the first day of December, Triiibe and Automagik met in a studio for an unplanned, unrehearsed jam session.

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Interview: Wonky Tonk

Wonky Tonk sat down with CincyMusic at BLDG to discuss the release date for Lessons and Lovers, seeing music as movies, and how super cool it is to have so many great music venues in our area.

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Wonky Tonk - "Stock Market" & "Suitors"

Wonky Tonk sat down with CincyMusic for an intimate performance of her songs "Stock Market" and "Suitors" at BLDG.

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Video Interview: Multimagic

Travis sat down with Multimagic to discuss their best times of 2019, the success of having found one another, performing at the CEA’s, and their EP “Move On” dropping on November 15th!

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Mr. Phylzzz is Back

Mr. Phylzzz is back with a new album and getting ready to embark on a tour!

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Automagik “Under the Stairs”

While Automagik continues to plan and work on new upcoming projects, the acoustic guitars rarely leave their hands. Automagik is a funky and soulful rock band first and foremost, but this recording is a glimpse into the acoustic and softer side of the band.

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Review: Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the Creator’s alter ego character “Igor” sold out Express Live in Columbus with his biggest and most elaborate tour yet. Tyler is a true creative genius and innovator, which is apparent by his ability to constantly take risks, try new concepts and consistently release high quality music, with each album standing on its own.