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Photo Cred: Travis Brandner

Travis recently sat down with Leggy to chat about their new video, exciting upcoming shows, and the current lineup!

Travis Brandner: Could you tell us some info about your new music video?

Veronique Allaer: The video was filmed at Kenyon College, on campus and at Ace of Cups in Columbus. We got in contact with Film Graduate students at the college and they had a vision for a music video. They had it planned out, we trusted the vision and it turned out great. Thank you to the production company “D5 Pictures”.

T: Would you like to comment on the religious imagery in the video, specifically you wearing the Nun habit outfit?

V: What's interesting is that the production company didn’t know I grew up going to an all-girls Catholic school. I love religious imagery. They had an idea about me being at a Convent, and me working to become a nun. In the video, the rest of the band takes me away from that setting and we play a rock show. The twist is that at the rock show, we see the head of the Convent, and they try to tear me off the stage but the punks won’t allot it.

T: What has Leggy been up to since we last heard from you?

V: We just played Cleveland in March with our labelmates Otoboke Beaver, and “Drinking Boys and Girls Choir.” There is a very important show coming up. Ohio is for Lovers Fest on September 7th at Riverbend. We were personally invited back personally by JT from Hawthorne Heights. He made a video on instagram and asked us to play it. I checked my phone, got the notification, and was freaking out. Hawthorne Heights are our musical idols.

T: Would you like to comment on your current lineup?

V: Kirsten, a founding member moved to LA in 2018, her last thing with the band was recording Dramatica with us. She has moved on with the band but will always remain an honorary member. Sarah played bass with us for the past couple of years, the timing was right and now it is a more permanent thing. Alessandro is on keys, he produced our most recent album and then joined the band.

T: Thanks for sitting down with us, look forward to seeing you guys play at MOTR and Ohio is for Lovers in the near future.