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Burritofest 2023 @ The Comet (Day 1)

  • The Yugos
  • The Montvales
  • The Electric Indigo
  • Maria Keck
  • Vusive
  • Kryst Kruer
  • Mockery
  • Jim Trace and the Makers
  • St. Mary, St. Michael
  • Grace Eddy
  • Quintango
  • The Wazoos
  • Happy Tuesday
  • The Lanterns

We're back baby!! Ready to create a bigger, badder burrito for all of you to enjoy. This time around, we've got FOUR DAYS of festivities. In addition to the flagship two day festival on Friday May 12th and Saturday May 13th, we've also got a Pre-Party on Thursday night to kick us off Presented by Three Feather Records in Fairfield and a Sunday Showcase to mellow us out with some chill vibes presented by Game N' Groove in Westwood. As with last year, there will be special Burritos and more gimmicks than you can shake a stick at. Stay tuned for more details.

This even is donations based, though there is no charge for entry we highly recommend donating whatever you can while at the event. Donations will go directly to the hardworking performers and bar staff.


Thursday May 11th- 8pm start time


8:30pm: Anaphaunt

9:15pm: Lo, the Loyal Conscripts

10pm: Dravin & The Ravens

10:45pm: TV Art

Friday May 12th- 6pm start time


6pm: Quintango

7pm: Kryst Kruer & The Secondhand Smoke

8pm: Mockery

9pm: Jim Trace & The Makers

10pm: Happy Tuesday

11pm: The Wazoos

12am: The Electric Indigo

12:45am: The Yugos


6:30pm: The Lanterns

7:30pm: Grace Eddy

8:30pm: St. Mary St. Michael

9:30pm: Maria Keck

10:30pm: The Montvales


Vusive: 11:30pm

Saturday May 13th- 5pm start time


5pm: Fritz Pape

6pm: Stokelys

7pm: Pickle Bucket

8pm: Sweet Action

9pm: Patchwork

10pm: Heist

11pm: Eugenius

12am Urine Hell (Chicago)

12:45am: Automaton


5:30pm: Terror at Midnight

6:30pm: Bombs Away! Comedy

7:30pm: Bombs Away! Comedy

8:30pm: Bombs Away! Comedy

9:30pm: Eric MCM (Lexington)

10:30pm: Jonny Terror


Thelonious Mung: 11:30pm

Sunday May 14th- 2pm start time (after Brunch)

2pm: Max Vignola

2:45pm: Caroline Beller

3:30pm: Deej

4:15pm: My Brother’s Keeper

(The Comet Bluegrass Allstars will be begin at 6:30pm)




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Burritofest Returns at The Comet

After the success of last year’s festival, one of Cincinnati’s most iconic bar venues returns with a multi-day extravaganza unlike any other. Burritofest 2023 at The Comet will offer something for everyone this year, featuring an eclectic range of genres and styles that’s simply unmatched.