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Burritofest Returns at The Comet

After the success of last year’s festival, one of Cincinnati’s most iconic bar venues returns with a multi-day extravaganza unlike any other. Burritofest 2023 at The Comet will offer something for everyone this year, featuring an eclectic range of genres and styles that’s simply unmatched. Dozens of acts will perform everything from punk to bluegrass, heavy metal to folk, industrial to tango and beyond. As with last year’s inaugural event, this year will feature a diverse group of musicians from across Cincinnati’s live music community and includes a few out-of-towners for good measure. The event will feature both beloved, well-established local acts and up-and-comers that everyone should have an eye on. The indoor bar stage, outdoor grotto stage, and basement stage will all be utilized in different capacities.

In addition to two full days of performances on Friday May 12th and Saturday May 13th, this year’s festivities will also feature two abbreviated days. There will be a Pre-Party on the evening of Thursday May 11th and the Sunday Showcase on the afternoon of Sunday May 14th. The Pre-Party was booked and will be presented by the employees of Three Feather Records, a record shop and occasional live music venue in Fairfield. The Sunday Showcase was booked and will be presented by Game N’ Groove, a vintage gaming and media store in Westwood. Over the past year, both establishments have shown themselves to be ardent supporters of the local music scene and the festival is thrilled to have them aboard! Following the Sunday Showcase, The Comet Bluegrass Allstars will perform their usual Sunday evening set to close out the weekend.

This year’s festival will also have standup comedy more prominently featured, as local promoters Bombs Away! Comedy will entertain audiences with multiple performance blocks from some of Cincinnati’s funniest. These sets will take place on the grotto stage on Saturday, May 13th. The lineup includes local legend Geoff Tate as well as Luke Fegenbush, Loren Hutton, Ossia Dwyer, Garrett Titlebaum, and Kent Rader. It will be hosted by Wayne Memmott, Shawn Braley, and Bridget Denman.

As with last year’s festival, The Comet will feature special edition burritos that will only be available that weekend. However, new this year, there will be special edition Burritofest t-shirts available for purchase that weekend only. Quantities will be limited so be sure to get there early to get yours!

Admission to the festival is collected on a “pay what you can” basis. An area will be set up to collect cash donations and QR codes will be available so that attendees can donate through Venmo. We believe that this event should be a community celebration and that no one should be turned away due to a lack of funds. All proceeds will go to the performers and the bar staff.

Burritofest is the flagship event of Burrito Boys Booking, a collective of Cincinnati based creatives that believe in live, local performance. In addition to this festival, BBB does other events throughout the year. We specialize in booking a variety of local bills and helping independent touring artists procure venues and local support when they perform in Cincinnati. In December 2022, they raised $1000 for the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition over two nights.

Thursday May 11th:
 8:30pm: Anaphaunt
 9:15pm: Lo, the Loyal Conscripts
 10pm: Dravin & The Ravens
 10:45pm: TV Art

Friday May 12th:
6pm: Quintango
7pm: Kryst Kruer & The Secondhand Smoke
8pm: Mockery
9pm: Jim Trace & The Makers
10pm: Happy Tuesday
11pm: The Wazoos
12am: The Electric Indigo
12:45am: The Yugos

6:30pm: The Lanterns
7:30pm: Grace Eddy
8:30pm: St. Mary St. Michael
9:30pm: Maria Keck
10:30pm: The Montvales

 11:30pm: Vursive

Saturday May 13th:
5pm: Fritz Pape
6pm: Stokelys
7pm: Pickle Bucket
8pm: Sweet Action
 9pm: Patchwork
10pm: Heist
11pm: Eugenius
12am: Urine Hell (Chicago)
12:45am: Automaton

5:30pm: Terror at Midnight
6:30pm: Bombs Away! Comedy
7:30pm: Bombs Away! Comedy
8:30pm: Bombs Away! Comedy
9:30pm: Eric MCM (Lexington)
10:30pm: Jonny Terror


Sunday May 14th:
2pm: Max Vignola
2:45pm: Caroline Beller
3:30pm: Deej
4:15pm: My Brother’s Keeper
(The Comet Bluegrass Allstars will begin at 6:30pm)