Watch Out for Infinity Spree

Infinity Spree just released a music video, and are playing at Madison LIVE on Saturday, December 17th with Pluto Revolts and The Civics! With plans for a new EP, a tour and some exciting local shows, Infinity Spree is a band to keep your eye on! We sat down with Mike Heffron of Infinity Spree prior to the show to get to know this talented band. us some background on Infinity Spree…
Mike Heffron: Infinity Spree started in November of 2015 as a duo: my brother Nick and I. Together, we wrote a bunch of songs and recorded the Guides EP in the spring of 2016. After we finished the record, we teamed up with our bassist Kurtis and drummer Chris to complete the group. Our first show together was our EP release on June 24th at Madison Live. This year we've played several music festivals, local shows, and regional cities like Dayton, Chicago, and Louisville. We just released a music video for our song "Guides," which has also been featured on The Project 100.7FM, WEBN 102.7FM, and Class X 88.9FM. 

CM: What can one expect at a live show?
MH: Energy. Our favorite part of playing live is the exchange of energy between the band and the audience. We love to move, dance, sing, and have fun, but we also like to get intense at times. I play a keytar live and use a computer to mix tracks to add extra power behind the band. Our lighting director, Nick, is almost like a fifth member of the band. He orchestrates lights live to our set which creates a really special atmosphere to our show. 

CM: Tell us about your writing process…
MH: Nick and I write a lot independently. When inspiration strikes we write on whatever instruments are around: guitars, pianos, ukuleles, drums, etc. The songs are very skeletal when we introduce them to the rest of the band and we flesh out the parts together. After we have an arrangement that we really like, we write digital elements to compliment the rest of the instruments. We take great care not to force out songs. There is a certain kind of magic that comes from natural inspiration. It can't be turned on and off at will. It strikes randomly like lightning. It's very important that we capture those ideas as soon as they happen so we can consistently write and release new material. 

CM: What is next for Infinity Spree?
MH: We are starting 2017 by going back into the studio to record our next EP. We aren't sure when we it will be released but it will have more songs than Guides (the EP) has. Following the studio, we are hitting the road for a small spring tour and then music festivals coming up in the summer. We want to release a lot more videos in 2017, so I think that will be a big focus for us. We look forward to playing Cincinnati frequently, including our first show of the year: January 7th at Urban Artifact.

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