The Civics

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  • alternative
  • rock
  • pop
  • indie pop
  • alternative rock

With a style similar to Coldplay, OneRepublic, and Imagine Dragons, The Civics are a newly formed Pop / Alternative Rock band hoping to grab the world’s attention through their catchy music. The Civics consist of Drew Schueler and brothers Garrett and Robbie Householder. The Cincinnati based artist intends to write, record, and perform original songs that capture the audience’s attention based on the depths of their lyrics, and the intricacy of their music.  In early November of 2014, The

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Watch Out for Infinity Spree 

Infinity Spree just released a music video, and are playing at Madison LIVE on Saturday, December 17th with Pluto Revolts and The Civics! With plans for a new EP, a tour and some exciting local shows, Infinity Spree is a band to keep your eye on! We sat down with Mike Heffron of Infinity Spree...

Pluto Revolts Come Out of Comfort Zone for New EP 

Pluto Revolts is releasing a new EP and are playing Madison LIVE on Saturday, December 17th with Infinity Spree and The Civics! We sat down to discuss the new EP, inspiration, and what is next for Pluto Revolts!  Go grab the FREE Download of the Week, “Tidal Wave” HERE! This song...

Upset Victory Take Over the Square 

Upset Victory are amped for their show tomorrow (Saturday) with The Civics on Fountain Square! We jumped at the chance to chat with them prior to the big show! Tell us what Upset Victory has been up to! I hear there is a new CD in the works, what can you tell us about it?The Upset...

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