Pluto Revolts Come Out of Comfort Zone for New EP

Pluto Revolts is releasing a new EP and are playing Madison LIVE on Saturday, December 17th with Infinity Spree and The Civics! We sat down to discuss the new EP, inspiration, and what is next for Pluto Revolts

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Tell us about the new EP…
First and foremost, this record is unique for Pluto Revolts, in that it's the first to prominently feature my band mates; Marcus Davies on guitar, Casey Blankenship on bass, and Cliff Revis on drums. Prior to recording, each of them had been performing live with me for a while, which meant our relationship started by playing songs from my mostly-solo past releases. But I think it hit a point last year where we all mutually recognized what the band needed to evolve, and what was missing from our live show.  I think marrying the electronic production of my past records with acoustic drums and a full band makes this record feel understandably more exciting. We just tried to move the studio closer to the stage. There were some distinct choices during the songwriting process to challenge ourselves to stretch outside of our comfort zone, and also to find a sound that we feel represents our current tastes in music. It's the first group of songs that feels like we cast a line out to where we want to go, not just paying homage to where we've been. Most people probably won't hear the renaissance I'm describing when they hear it, but it feels that way to us from the inside. We actually scrapped a near-complete EP last summer, because it just didn't stretch far enough.

What was the inspiration behind the first single "Tidal Wave”?
Musically, I think it's safe to say that our appreciation for bullseye-radio-pop has finally risen to the surface on this track, and blended itself into the distorted guitar rock style of our past recordings.  Lyrically, I think it's always going to read as a song about taking risks.  It's not a terribly difficult metaphor to grasp, but felt right for me at time, based on my own life and the journey of the band as a whole. If you're like me, you probably think about failing as often as you think about succeeding. It can be tempting to focus on your worries, or make choices that are less likely to receive criticism, but, at least for me, it's a much more disciplined practice keeping a mindset that promotes perseverance and individuality.  

What can your fans expect at the release show on December 17th?
If you haven't seen our band in a few years, it's going to be totally different for you.  As it stands, we've only worked in 2 songs from the back catalog into the set!  We are giving away limited first-run copies of the EP on CD at the door with admission. The other bands on the bill are great too: Infinity Spree and The Civics.  Both somewhat newer formed bands in the scene, and both have stellar first records. There's something to be said about our scene when you're seeking openers for your show, and you find 2 brand new bands that are so well composed. So many hidden gems in this city.  We're excited to have them on the bill! 

What is next for Pluto Revolts?
After the show, we will finish up some video work for the songs on the EP, while working to complete our first full length record.  We expect it will include part or all of this EP.  Hopefully we will have most of that written by the end of winter. Then we aim to take the show on the road in spring and summer! 

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