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Pluto Revolts

Pluto Revolts was conceived in early 2008, a time that marked a period of significant reawakening for Cincinnati, Ohio vocalist/songwriter Benjamin James. Up to that point, James spent a decade writing music for his previous band, an experience which afforded him the opportunity to perform as a touring musician in clubs as far away as Japan, and as high-profile as the Warped Tour. And that was before graduating high school. But unfortunately, even with an eventual major-label contract (Maverick Records), and a soon-to-follow recording experience with a platinum producer, the path that once seemed so promising was beginning to reveal its pitfalls. James realized the music he'd worked so hard to create for the group was wrought with artistic compromises in the end. Worst of all, the group's final album was destined for release-date-limbo; bound for nothing more than to collect dust on a shelf.


James decided to reboot, and funnel energy into an entirely new project, one that would appeal to the instincts he was previously forced to ignore. This time, he would be equipped with assets most new artists lack: experience, humility, purpose, and a brand new surge of determination. Even down to the name itself signifying “rebirth,” with Pluto Revolts, James set out to shed his proverbial old skin and reveal a more raw, distinct version of himself.


James’ unique blend of influences (from The Beatles to Nine Inch Nails) is brought to life behind-the-scenes through a nearly solo effort: written, produced, and performed almost entirely by James. Now a growing roster of live musicians is expanding the excitement and vision to the stage what was once only possible for James to capture in the studio, and proving the evolution of Pluto Revolts is just beginning.

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