Behold the Brave Back in Cincy

Behold the Brave push the musical boundaries. We last saw them during MPMF. If you are a fan of soul, rock, indie, blues or anything in between, than you are a fan of Behold the Brave. Get to MOTR Pub Thursday, January 8th to see Behold the Brave with Local favorites Pluto Revolts

We got to know Behold the Brave before their return to Cincinnati...

Give us some background on Behold the Brave...
Formed back in 2008 while attending a University in Cleveland, Tennessee, Behold the Brave grew from a dirty south soil with deep rock and blues roots. Through the years the sound and style of the music transitioned from introspective to energetic, and they hold true to the feel-good vibes that their live shows are known for. They are constantly working to push their musical boundaries, so be on the lookout for what they have planned next. 

What can one expect at a Behold the Brave live show?
Sweat, sparks, passion, rock n roll...prepare to be saved. 

What have been some of favorite experiences while touring?
Stealthy late night water park rage, running from the cops, crewzin barefoot on longboards, & jumping off roofs in Texas. 

What is next for Behold the Brave?
We are relocating to Nashville with plans of recording early this year. We have spent the past few months scrambling our brains; we’ve been cooking up something fresh and we are ready to feed the people. Once the food is prepared we plan on taking the gravy train all over the country.