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The Upset Victory Look Forward to Album Release + Bunbury

The Upset Victory are on quite the roll. They were selected to play Bunbury Music Festival (for the THIRD time), are releasing their first full-length album in April, and have two singles off the upcoming album up as finalists in the International Songwriting Competition!  

On Saturday, April 15th, they are hosting their album release party at The Woodward Theater in OTR, featuring: Pluto Revolts, Current Events, and Blank State! Grab your tickets HERE!

Enter to win tickets to see The Upset Victory at Bunbury Music Festival HERE!

We sat down with Jason, lead singer of The Upset Victory about these exciting times!

I do believe that you are the first local band to be asked to play Bunbury Music Festival three times! How does that feel?
It’s a pretty fantastic feeling. Spiritually uplifting. Obviously, it is amazing just to be recognized considering all the incredible talent Cincinnati has to offer. I think our huge, diverse, local music scene is something Cincinnatians tend to take for granted. Needless to say, we are extremely honored to have been given these opportunities. It’s also feels great to take part in some of the big things that are happening here in this city. The last 10 years have been especially exiting to call Cincy home.  

So, now that you are Bunbury Veterans, what advice do you have for local bands playing there for the first time?
It’s hot. Like really hot. If you are a local band lucky enough to be selected for this opportunity, chances are, you will be playing in prime, midafternoon, summer heat. I get it -- “Style over everything,” just maybe save that fur coat for a different show, stay hydrated, and skip the cheesy lasagna in the food tent. Other than that… go meet people, check out the other bands and enjoy the experience.  

Who are you looking forward to catching at Bunbury this year?
I’m, personally, really digging DREAMERS right now. I also enjoy Caamp a lot. Will definitely try to catch Moon Taxi and The Shins. I know the band as a whole will be excited to watch Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars -- and it’s always a good time to see Death Cab for Cutie and Flogging Molly. I believe Stephen is also a big fan of The 1975. In conclusion, I think we are looking forward to everyone.

What is new in the world of The Upset Victory?
Right now it’s all about April 14th. Our first full-length album Life Like an Anchor is set for release on April 14th, and the next day, Saturday, April 15th, we will be hosting an album release show at The Woodward Theater in OTR, featuring: Pluto Revolts, Current Events, and Blank State. Come to that. It will be a lot of fun (the show is inside, maybe I’ll wear my fur coat).

I think we are all extremely excited about this. The album has been a lot of work, and we are definitely ready for the world to hear what we created. In the meantime, we just release our third single off the album “This City” so be sure to give that a listen. 


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