Upset Victory Take Over the Square

Upset Victory are amped for their show tomorrow (Saturday) with The Civics on Fountain Square! We jumped at the chance to chat with them prior to the big show!

Tell us what Upset Victory has been up to! I hear there is a new CD in the works, what can you tell us about it?
The Upset Victory has been up to quite a lot the past year or so. It's been a period of "firsts" for us. We completed our first full-length record. We actually worked with the same team behind our 'Wall Street' EP (Starlight Studios | Orlando, FL./Nashville, TN) again. And, we're also very grateful to have successfully funded our first ever crowd funding campaign which raised closed to $18k. At times it was somewhat daunting but when the dust settled it was also very rewarding. We're very grateful to all of the amazing supporters of our cause. Although other costs such as travel expenses, mastering, distribution, marketing, replication, etc. were covered by the band this crowd funding campaign still helped out tremendously and laid a great financial base for us to write and record the album we wanted. As of April we've released, "Don't Give Up The Night", the first single off this forthcoming album and it's been well received - garnering radio traction across the country and landing in the hands of the artist development team at CONNECT and the licensing company Hithcer Music. There's more surprises in the works and we're excited to start getting this new music out there.  

I think if you're a fan of our music, you'll definitely dig this new record. Sonically, this album will have a little bit of everything on it. It's a slight departure from our 'Wall Street' EP but still in that wheelhouse. We put everything we had into this record and didn't hold back at all during the recording process, so you'll hear new types of instrumentation we wanted to experiment with along with a lot of really cool production. It was exciting to hear these songs fully flushed out and come to life. We can't wait to share it. 

Playing in the center of our city at Fountain Square is pretty exciting. What are you most looking forward to about that show?
Yes, it's very exciting. We're looking forward to this Saturday's show. Playing Fountain Square has been on our band's radar for some time and we're honored to be given the opportunity to do so. Playing our hometown in a city center like Fountain Square in and of itself is just awesome. When you think about how eclectic and interesting Fountain Square is with its history and wide array of people you can meet at any given time there's really no place like it. 

What is next for Upset Victory?
After Saturday's show, we're playing at The Southgate House Revival on October 14th. We haven't been back there in a while and it's such a great place to play. Between now and then, there will be some more surprises and I imagine we'll be releasing the next single so please feel free to connect with us to stay up to date. 

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