Infinity Spree Releases Music Video for New Song “Guides”

Cincinnati Pop Rock band Infinity Spree released a brand new music video for their song “Guides!” The video for “Guides” complements the band’s celestial sound and shining pop hooks through imagery that evokes sci-fi realism. The music video also features a celestial being named Cora, a larger-than-life venus fly trap, and members of Infinity Spree. The story focuses on two main themes reflected in the lyrics: appetite and paranoia.

Catch them next tomorrow at The Southgate House Revival and again on Saturday, December 17th at Madison LIVE


Watch Out for Infinity Spree

Infinity Spree just released a music video, and are playing at Madison LIVE on Saturday, December 17th with Pluto Revolts and The Civics! With plans for a new EP, a tour and some exciting local shows, Infinity Spree is a band to keep your eye on! We sat down with Mike Heffron of Infinity Spree...