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The Countdown to Bunbury is ON

The 5th annual Bunbury Music Festival is this week! The countdown is on and Cincinnati is all a buzz.

The diverse group of headliners The Killers (Friday), Deadmau5 (Saturday), and Florence + The Machine (Sunday) is reason enough to be excited. BUT each day is jammed packed with top notch artists. Wait…did you hear that N.W.A members MC Ren & DJ Yella will be joining Ice Cube on Saturday? Insane. Who knows what other surprises may happen at Bunbury!  

Make sure you download the official Bunbury Mobile App for iOS and Android to browse the schedule & create your own custom schedule!

Check out our previews on some of the artists playing Bunbury Music Festival below and stay tuned to CincyMusic.com for more in the next week!

Bunbury Music Festival 2016 Artist Previews:

The Killers
When/Where: Yeatman’s Cove Stage on Friday at 9:30p 

Florence + The Machine
When/Where: Yeatman’s Cove Stage on Sunday at 10p 

When/Where: Yeatman’s Cove Stage on Saturday at 10p 

When/Where: Sawyer Point Stage on Friday at 8:30p 

X Ambassadors
When/Where: Sawyer Point Stage on Friday at 6:30p

When/Where: Yeatman’s Cove Stage on Sunday at 6:15p 

Big Grams
When/Where: Sawyer Point Stage on Saturday at 7p 

Charles Bradley
When/Where: Yeatman’s Cove Stage on Friday at 5:45p 

When/Where: Yeatman’s Cove Stage on Saturday at 3p 

Whilk & Misky
When/Where: Sawyer Point Stage on Friday at 2p 

The Shelters
When/Where: Yeatman’s Cove Stage on Friday at 2:30p 

Dead Man String Band
When/Where: Yeatman’s Cove Stage on Saturday at 2p


Dead Man String Band is an Art Form of Itself 

(Picture it, June 2016, at the Bunbury Music Festival) “Let’s see…  I want to check out a band I haven’t seen before…  hmmm….  who’s playing?  Oooh, cool!  Dead Man String Band!  I really like string bands, with the banjos...

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Get Ready for X Ambassadors at Bunbury 

The “Renegade” and “Unsteady” rockers, X Ambassadors, will be going on a nationwide summer tour and will be hitting Cincinnati on June 3 during the Bunbury Music Festival.  The Brooklyn-based alternative rock band have been recently selling out shows due to their...

Big Boi + Phantogram = Big Grams 

If you’re a fan of Outkast or Phantogram, listen up: Big Grams brings you a little bit of both, in an experimental new sound.  Big Boi – half of the Outkast duo, sans Andre 3000 – discovered Phantogram – the duo of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter – in 2010, when he...

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Bunbury Upgrades Cincy EDM with Deadmau5 

“Dead Mau Five? Have you heard of that guy?” “Is that the dude in the trippy looking Mickey Mouse head?” It sure is, friend. But the things he does in that Mau5 head go far beyond anything a Disney icon has to offer, and straight to the glitchy undercurrent that is your...

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The Killers Play Bunbury Music Festival 

One of the world’s most elevated rock bands of the 21 Century, The Killers, will be hitting the road this summer and may be coming out with new material by the end of the year or beginning of next. Their tour started in January and will continue throughout the summer making stops all over...

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Florence + the Machine Headline BUNBURY 2016 

In London, 2007, a special thing happened. Florence Welch & Isabella Summers got together and formed the band Florence + the Machine. While they had already been playing small clubs in the area, they were destined for something more. They owe a lot of thanks to the big break they received from...

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Interview: Oddisee is a Breath of Fresh Air 

Human nature appreciates growth. There is something viscerally appealing to watch something develop; our brains crave the analysis. Eyesight is not always what's required to detect growth. The esteemed hip-hop producer and lyricist Oddisee has proven this with his seemingly limitless frame to grow...

Grimes Weaves Weaponized Pop 

Once in a while, an artist comes along whose very unwillingness to bend to industry rules or creative expectation leads to their success. Prince and David Bowie both come to mind. It’s far too early to tell if Grimes’s career will have such an impact, but like St. Vincent and Janelle...

Tom Petty Finds Musical Alter-Ego in Mudcrutch 

You think of Tom Petty and only one band comes to mind: The Heartbreakers. Over the last four decades, he’s filled stadiums and knocked out hit after hit with the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. But before the world fell in love with “American Girl,” Petty played bass for a group...

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The Shelters Ready to Rock Bunbury 

The Shelters are releasing their self-titled debut LP June 10th on Warner Bros. Records.  Having released an EP at the end of last year, their full-length is also a blast of Southern Californian rock and roll from a four-piece like the old days when rock and roll was king. Co-produced by Tom...

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Add Whilk & Misky to Your Bunbury Schedule 

Some things are just meant to be. Whilk & Misky, for example. Nima and Charlie, to use their real names, met in November 2012. Within three months, they were living together, making music and tearing up the blogosphere. They’ve pursued an near-vertical upwards trajectory ever...

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The Screaming Eagle of Soul Charles Bradley to Play Bunbury 

Charles Bradley released Changes earlier this month on Daptone Records imprint Dunham Records to wide praise.  Bradley sounds vital... the singer remains a precious commodity: the real thing. He’s not reenacting or revisiting, he’s on his first run through. And it's still...