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The Shelters Ready to Rock Bunbury

The Shelters Ready to Rock Bunbury

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The Shelters are releasing their self-titled debut LP June 10th on Warner Bros. Records.  Having released an EP at the end of last year, their full-length is also a blast of Southern Californian rock and roll from a four-piece like the old days when rock and roll was king. Co-produced by Tom Petty, this album comes at you from behind, nothing you were expecting.

The Shelters had just banded together when Petty heard them and got a gut feeling about what they could be.  He gave The Shelters the keys to his home studio and showed them a few things. They picked it up from there and took off full steam ahead. 

People are going to reference some of the great rock and roll bands of yesterday and today. But this is no tribute show. The sounds they’ve made seem to have been dragged from the vaults and forced to fit the present. It’s all a beautiful reminder that rock and roll may have slipped out of view for minute, but it’s still out there, alive in the hands of the ones who need it the most.

Catch The Shelters at Bunbury Music Festival on Friday, June 3rd. Enter to win a pair of Weekend Passes HERE!