Twiddle Dismantles Preconceived Notions of Jam Band Culture

Twiddle is quickly grabbing the attention of new fans with their jaw dropping improvisational skills and fresh multi-genre approach that blends reggae and funk with jazz and bluegrass, dismantling most preconceived notions of jam band culture. This may be the last chance to see Twiddle in such an intimate venue as the band has been selling out shows throughout Colorado and the Northeast. 

We recently caught up with Zdenek Gubb, the bassist in Twiddle, prior to the show at Madison Theater!

Give us some background on Twiddle and how you all met and formed the band.
We're all extraterrestrials... 

You seem to have an incredibly dedicated fan base. Tell us about the Twiddle fans...
Twiddle fans are something else. It's tough to explain what makes our fans as incredible as they are. We know and are friends with a good portion of our fans- Id like to just call them our "frans". We have fans who come for the jams. We have fans who come for the lyrics. We have fans who come for the fans. Our fans don't just support the band...they support and cheer each other on as well. When you come together with your friends to hang and have fun, you pick each other up when you're down and your experience as a whole becomes stronger and better. I hear people from outside and inside our fan base explain how our fans are very kind and willing to invite new fans with open arms. I guess our fans are best described as kind, united, openminded friends who believe in something so much more than just the music.  

What has been the band's most memorable experience this past year?
Frendly Gathering is always a memorable experience. The turnout of support we had at the Gathering of Vibes for an 11 AM set was overwhelming.  

Tell me a little about your new album and what to expect next from Twiddle.
Plump is the name of our 4th album. I'll try to explain what to expect in an analogy. Have you ever bought a sandwich that has everything you want but just isn't enough to satisfy your appetite? Or have you ever bought a sandwich that is just too damn much? Stuff spilling all over yourself? Our mission with Plump is find that perfect sonic sandwich you have been hungry for. Not too much meat. Not to little cheese. Just the right veggies. It had better be good hot or cold! Plump is our biggest album to date. We'll have many guests and we'll being doing things we've never done before. 

w/ Don't Fear The Satellites & Common Center
Wednesday February 18th
Madison Theater
8p Doors / 9p Show