Don't Fear The Satellites

  • Local
  • rock
  • jazz
  • jam

Don’t Fear the Satellites began as a figment of the imaginary mind in hopes that one day this music could come to life. The freedom to openly express music in ways beyond the facilities of through-composed material allows the musicians take total control of the moment. This notion is the centerpiece for which this group thinks and performs. It is up to the players to translate whatever feelings and instincts they have during a performance by only using their knowledge of their instrument and

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Us, Today Release T E N E N E M I E S at Woodward Theater 

T E N E N E M I E S is the latest album from locals Us, Today. The album is a piece of art from start to finish. There were many times that I was listening to the album and found myself paralyzed waiting for the next note. We sat down with the band prior to the release on Thursday for some behind...

Twiddle Dismantles Preconceived Notions of Jam Band Culture 

Twiddle is quickly grabbing the attention of new fans with their jaw dropping improvisational skills and fresh multi-genre approach that blends reggae and funk with jazz and bluegrass, dismantling most preconceived notions of jam band culture. This may be the last chance to see Twiddle in such...