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Common Center

Common Center is a group of individuals from Covington, Kentucky that gather to form a collection of sonic exploration. Their all-original material arises from a vast array of influences, morphing together to channel a unique sound previously unheard, but longed for, by the ear. They combine upbeat as well as tranquil themes with mystic, other-world intertwining melodic elements from instrumental and vocal harmonies.

They value song writing just as much as the importance of a well-crafted, unique live performance. Common Center is more than just a band; it is an ever-open, vibrant community of positive energy that reverberates from its fans just as much as it does from the musicians.

Playing shows in the Covington and Cincinnati areas, Common Center has big plans for the future including studio time for the release of an upcoming EP in the Spring, further-reaching shows, and as always, building a loyal, loving family. Boogie on.

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