Cardboard Derby is the Cure to Your Hangover

Cardboard Derby started about 5 years ago by Bobby Hudson. He was influenced by Dashboard Confessional, Brand New, Neil Young among others. From those influences, Cardboard Derby became it's own sound. 

Hudson writes based on his own experiences in life. He was in school to be a barber (that explains the great hair...) when he learned of a good friend and business owner telling him, he was going to start a label. They worked on the album for about a year. They did so and...then the hard drive crashed. The recorded music was gone. It happens to the best of us. Cardboard Derby has used this as an experience to build from what they had and grow. They are currently working on their debut album for release!

Go catch the Hair of the Dog from your New Year's Eve at MOTR Pub with Cardboard Derby and Common Center on January 1!