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Don't Fear The Satellites

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Don’t Fear the Satellites began as a figment of the imaginary mind in hopes that one day this music could come to life. The freedom to openly express music in ways beyond the facilities of through-composed material allows the musicians take total control of the moment. This notion is the centerpiece for which this group thinks and performs. It is up to the players to translate whatever feelings and instincts they have during a performance by only using their knowledge of their instrument and inherent musicality that each player uniquely has. With only a vague idea of harmonic movement and melody, the group finds that each one of their takes is completely and utterly different for every performance. This creates anything that can range from a light and charming tune to a heavy ear-splitting collection of cosmic slop. For years this idea was cultivated and practiced by drummer Sean Herzig and bassist Matt Wiles. The two wrote, recorded, and produced music on their own until late 2009 when the reality of a full group was finally here. In early 2011, the band is quickly on their way to spreading their unique sound and chemistry that is now known as Don’t Fear the Satellites. In hopes of creating only the finest music, the band never fails to show its deep roots in Jazz, Latin, and Rock. With their perfect combination of modal textures, deep grooves and the spacey aura that surrounds the music of Don’t Fear the Satellites, it will be sure to keep you jamming for days and days… Watch for upcoming dates, fresh new recordings, and let their wandering jams ease your wandering minds.

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