Yip Deceiver at Fountain Square for Indie Summer Series

Making the move – and the moves – to the bigger, airy stage at Fountain Square from the intimate, crowded stage at MOTR (where last I witnessed their hip-shaking shenanigans) will be a welcome change for Athens, Georgia dynamic analog duo, Yip Deceiver. While their sound is brash and poppy enough to send any hip bar crowd in to a frothy, sweaty frenzy, taking their electronic dancescapes to the open air anti-confines of the Indie Summer Series is going to turn what would be an average Friday night in to one worthy of Instagramming, hashtag shakeyerbooty.

Former members of psych(e)-pop groove maestros of Montreal, the duo of Davey Pierce and Nicholas Dobbratz have orchestrated a dance album with deep Indie roots – they know their own history, and they’re very aware of where things are now. The conscious decision to step away from the esoteric flightiness and general weirdness of of Montreal in order to put together a dreamy synth opus was a risky one, but in the end has paid dividends.

Be sure to show up to the first Indie Summer Series concert, coming up Friday May 30 at Fountain Square, in order to catch them open for WHY? These party wizards will share some magic and sonic sorcery, leaving you with nothing but hazy, questionable memories of hands in the air, probably some high-fives, and shuffling feet.

Yip Deceiver
w/ WHY?, Bad Boxes and Dark Colour
Fountain Square
Indie Summer Series
Friday May 30th



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