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Venomous Valdez

Venomous Valdez became an underground warrior in 1999 broadcasting Indie Rock bands live from their gigs around town on WAIF FM Radio. She went on to spin Cincinnati music for WEBN, WNKU and now, The Project. She also engineers Midpoint Music Festival, Music Director for the Western Southern Open, works at Riverbend Music Center, Bogart's, tours with bands and occasionally writes for us. She has managed and elevated local bands like Wussy, The Sundresses, The Host and many, many more. She is legend.

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Interview: Max Kerman of Arkells

I had the pleasure in getting to know these fantastic Canadian lads over the last year and they are a joy to be around. Arkells are the type of band that you’ll want to dance the day's’ stress away. Pump your fist in the air when hear them during a sporting event. Max Kerman is the sort of frontman that is very mindful of the energy he projects. He always has a smile for you. He always wants to sing for you. His heart is always yours.

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Frank Turner, a Musically Insatiable Englishman

Frank Turner is the type of musician that will do this until his body breaks beyond repair. I suspect he would feel lost if his songs ever dried up inside or could never hold a guitar in his hand. The day he obliged my ramblings with answers, he had a show. After that show, he was not satisfied and...

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Save King Records

We, the people of the Cincinnati music scene are inheritors of our musical past. As the next generation will do so with us. The biggest reason I fight, is to elevate our City to the National recognition it deserves. King Records played an important part in developing the American sound. Time and...

Behind the Scenes with Wussy

The phone rings on a late July afternoon inside the tour van. “Hello?” “Hi. Is this Venomous Valdez with Wussy? I’m an Executive Producer with CBS Morning News. We’re interested in bringing the band on the show.” After a short conversation, I sat there a bit stunned. Then I deliver the...