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Lauren Schwab

Lauren Schwab is a journalism graduate from Miami University. She lives just north of Cincinnati working full time on her family’s pig farm. She is known as the “Farm Girl With Curls” as she blogs on farm life and enjoys interviewing country music artists on following their dreams and recording music about country living. Lauren can be found caring for her pigs, dancing to music and writing about the joy both bring to her life.

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Maddy Rose Band has Big City Dreams in Cincinnati for Country Music

The Maddy Rose Band is a modern country band with a unique sound. Band members come from different backgrounds in music. The band is comprised of an old country guitarist, old rock drummer, modern rock bassist, an old blues-rock guitarist and a modern country singer. “When people ask me what...

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90 Proof Twang Makes Cincinnati the Home of Twang Nation

When Josh Brock heard his first twang from his Dad’s banjo, he was hooked. Twanging away on the banjo as a young boy lead to pursing a career in music and developing an original sound. With the help of other music professionals, 90 Proof Twang band was born. Now, three years, three CDs, and...