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Maddy Rose Band has Big City Dreams in Cincinnati for Country Music

The Maddy Rose Band is a modern country band with a unique sound. Band members come from different backgrounds in music. The band is comprised of an old country guitarist, old rock drummer, modern rock bassist, an old blues-rock guitarist and a modern country singer. “When people ask me what I want to do with my life, I say I want to be famous. They question it and I say, ‘No really’. I want to get big, travel and make people happy. Have people enjoy music and really treasure it for what it is instead of listening to it through headphones,” says Maddy in a video to their Facebook fans. Cincy music interviewed band member Brian on their journey so far. 

Q. What or who played an important role in developing your career goals and making the decision to start Maddy Rose Band?
“We have been at this now a little over a year. All of us have been in different bands. I play with my son, he’s the bass player and the drummer is a gentleman I went to school with. We were at a bar one night and saw Maddy singing some acoustic songs with a gentleman we know. We approached her about forming a band because we had just stepped away from one. She said yes and this is her first band.” 

Q. How would you describe your style and who's your biggest musical influence?
“We are a five piece modern country band. Maddy is inspired by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood. As a band we could like to take this as far as we can.” 

Q. What was the inspiration for your latest project? What does it mean to you?
“We are in the process of releasing our first EP in May. It’s going to be a self-titled EP called The Maddy Rose Band. We’ve been working with a songwriter out of Nashville. We currently have one single on iTunes called ‘Backstabber’ we are excited about. The next single is called ‘Damaged’. It’s a really good song we can’t wait to get out and we have others recorded for the EP.” 

Q. What do you enjoy or look forward to most about writing, recording or performing music? Tell me more about the process.
“When we sit down to write we start throwing out different suggestions and scenarios, basically different life situations that have happened to each of us and try to put it into a song. As far as going into the studio and recording, we love it and have a good time. We hope these songs will make the radio, but just the memories we have in the studio are good as well. When we go out and play our original songs, especially ‘Backstabber’, our fans sing along with it. It’s a great feeling knowing they are listening to and learning our music just like they would some of the bigger professionals.” 

Q. What is a memorable experience for you in your music career and how has it impacted you?
“We’ve been fortunate to play some bigger venues. We’ve had the privilege to open up for Daryle Singletary and John King. Maddy has sung with Brett James and other local artists. Being able to share the stage with a lot of national acts and local artists have been the big highlights so far.” 

Q. What advice would you give to someone who may have a dream in music, but is struggling with taking the steps to make it a reality?
“You have to practice. Follow your dreams and don’t give up on them. Things aren’t going to come easy. You have to put in time, but if you work at it good things will come.” 

Q. Can you tell me some of your exciting plans for 2017? What long-term goals do you have for your career?
“We want to start traveling. We have a show booked in the fall in South Carolina, which will be our furthest show outside the Cincinnati area so far. We are excited about the EP and look forward to accomplishing what we are setting out to do. We as a band want to take this as far as we can. We want to keep writing and recording our own music and get to the level where we are opening up for bigger national acts.” 

Q. Where can people see you perform? 
“We love to perform locally and entertain the crowd. When we show we are having a good time playing our music or a cover song on stage, the crowd has a good time too. We are excited people want to come see us and appreciate them buying the tickets. On May 20 we will be performing in Walton, Kentucky at the Oak Creek Pavilion. Maddy will be performing the National Anthem at the Cincinnati Cyclones game on March 2 and at the Cincinnati Reds game on May 22.” 

To learn more about the Maddy Rose Band and their music, visit https://cincymusic.com/bands/maddy-rose-band.