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Chloë Rain

Currently attending the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Chloë Rain is a writer and editor of portals, among other things. She enjoys talking to the birds around town, watching volcano documentaries, and reading with her cats. Online, she exists everywhere as @bcrainy.
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REVIEW: Taylor Swift at Paycor Stadium

As The Eras Tour continues across the globe, Cincinnati was truly lucky to be part of the monumental tour and the audience knew it, as Taylor herself stated that the Cincinnati crowd was the type she had dreamed about growing up.

REVIEW: They Might Be Giants at Madison Theater

The return of They Might Be Giants to Cincinnati was a much anticipated event, as proved by the sold out crowd at Madison Theater on Saturday night.

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REVIEW: Ani DiFranco at Madison Theater

On Saturday, October 15, in the midst of the epic BLINK Festival, a dedicated crowd could be seen shuffling into the Madison Theater, eagerly anticipating the arrival of the folk legend, Ani DiFranco.

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REVIEW: Alicia Keys at PNC Pavilion

The energy created by Pink Sweat$, Alicia Keys, and the audience was powerful. As Keys said, everyone worked together to create that energy through love, and it cannot be destroyed.