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Brandon Schoonover

Brandon Schoonover is a graduate of Ohio State University. A man of many hobbies but a master of none, Brandon can be found playing with Easter Rising whenever they let him. He enjoys craft beer, football, and inappropriate memes.

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Album Review: Burn - Foxy Shazam

With 2020 throwing more uncertainty, turmoil, and calamities to fill an entire decade, it is a welcome respite to learn that Foxy Shazam were back after a six-year hiatus with a new album. Although Burn is a bit of a sonic departure from their previous albums, there are still a lot of epic, anthem-scaled tracks for fans to sink their teeth in.

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Review: Soul Asylum and Local H

The guitar-centric romp of 90’s alternative music was alive and well Saturday night at the Thompson House as Soul Asylum and Local H took the audience on a nostalgic trip back to the last decade where rock music reigned supreme. 

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Review: Chris Thile at Memorial Hall

Decorated only by a sole Oriental rug, a single microphone and his trusty mandolin, Chris Thile wowed the audience at Memorial Hall as only a person of his esteemed craftsmanship could.