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Mavis Guitar to Release Full Band Live Album on March 1, Pre-Order Starts THIS Friday!

Friend to CincyMusic and all around Good Dude Travis Talbert wants to let you know his ambient/instrumental/vibe-y project Mavis Guitar has a live album coming out next month. And look, Travis basically gets what Travis wants.

The record acts as the unofficial beginnings of Talbert’s newest musical venture, a quartet that will be recording a pedal steel-centric album in the near future - pre-order purchases will help to fund the effort. Pre-orders are going up February 16 in anticipation of the album’s March 1 release on Bandcamp.

Recorded at last year’s Tony Delk’s 53 Point Game release show at The Southgate House Revival, the album is a full playthrough of the 2023 release featuring Elijah Batson, Wil Talbert, and Nick Vogelpohl. This was the first time any of these songs had been performed live, Of the experience, Talbert says “I got to live my dream of fronting a band with two drummers for a couple songs.”

The recording also includes a live rendition of “Is It Really Buddy?,” a song written in tribute to his dear friend and Cincinnati music hero, Charles ‘Whitey’ Meimann, who passed away not long before the show took place.

Talbert says, “The night of this show was my favorite night playing music of my own ever. It was overwhelming how many friends and especially Cincinnati musicians showed up that night. I mean, there are woohoos for instrumental music on here.” Having experienced this show myself, I’m still struck by the sense of community and comradery that were on display in the Lounge that night. As a fan of Mavis Guitar, and of Travis’ music in general, the vibes were among the loveliest I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing at a live show, like, ever. While this show, and this recording, represent a culmination of a lot of ideas and various aspects of Talbert’s musical stylings, it also represents the winding down of this particular incarnation of Mavis Guitar. All the more reason to pick this one up, I think.

You can get your pre-orders in starting this Friday, February 16 - and you’ll be able to choose from a digital-only version, or limited edition CDs - all of which will help bring his next project to life.