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ROY by Audley is Out NOW

Photo Cred: Annie Noelker

Audley has released ROY on all streaming services today. ROY is more than an album. It's a philosophy, it's a fresh start, it's a way of life.

 We were honored to have the chance to talk with Audley about ROY.

Tell us about the process of ROY
The process is constant. An ongoing philosophy that continues to expand how I see the universe around and inside me. I made a whole other album about a year before I started working on ROY. It was three separate segments that each had their own color. I believe they were a chromatic silver, dark neon green and a very muted tan. I knew then, that I was experiencing more than one color at once but I was not ready, at that time, for the truth that came with that revelation. I finished that album. I even showed it to a few friends. I ended up storing it away with no intention to release because I was so lost and scared that I did not believe in my artistic output.
I left my job. I moved to Dayton. I slowed all the way down in order to better understand who I was. I found myself. The colors continued to speak to me. I loved myself again. I believed in my ideas. I let that be the ultimate guide for the record. I let the colors sing their truth and that is when Red, Orange and Yellow started to make more and more sense to me. This is just the beginning. We are entering brighter territory every time we peel back a layer of who we are. This album is the beginning of the spectrum of color. I wrote this album in a few weeks but it took me almost 2 years of absorbing, free form performing with Chase and troubleshooting my purpose to even put one intentional word over production.

I cannot express how important Luna (internetboy), Devin (Devin Burgess), Evan (SmokeFace), Stallitix and Jody (GrandAce) are to this record. Each of these artists have inspired me so much with their unique expression of self. The stars definitely aligned to bring this group together. I can't wait to make more music with each of them. If you're reading this, I love you guys. 

What does ROY mean to you?
Honestly... a fresh start.
Imagine hitting the Start Line with the magical powers and wisdom you've acquired from your journey of self discovery. A racetrack built of kaleidoscopic visions, big dreams and silver clouds. For me, this album has shifted my perspective on what it means to Start the race. Every level has a starting point. Who is to say that isn't a fresh start?

Knowing this record will bless the ears of those I love is all I've ever wanted. I am truly at peace with the universe. I'll be back soon with a few more albums. We're just getting started.


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