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Audley Releases This That

Photo Cred: Taylor Hughes

Audley has released yet another banger from the upcoming album, ROY! "This That" will have you hooked from the first beat drop. Get ready to hit replay over and over.

Listen to "This That" NOW!

"This That" was produced by GrandAce, and recorded and mixed by Chris Dickerson aka D1.

We had the chance to ask Audley a few questions about the process and meaning behind "This That!"

Tell us about the writing process for "This That"
This song is full of disparate images, memories and ideation. The flow from stanza to stanza really has no linear significance. The sporadic outline feels like a testament to the concept of the song that things are somewhat fleeting and always changing. Out of all of the songs I wrote, this one was done in the most fragmented way. I would get ideas for lines in the shower, walking dogs (I was walking a lot of dogs during this time. Shoutout to my girls Gracie and Chloe. Yup... dog shoutout), talking to my friends and it lasted a week or so. I was just plugging away in the Notes section of my phone. I think I cut about a dozen lines before I hit the studio. Also, the outro was not planned. I almost cut it to be honest but when I showed the demo to Jody (GrandAce) he was like "no way man you have to keep that" so I grew to love the ending.

I actually had a bunch of adlibs and melodic background vocals (kind of like color scheme). Chris (D1) and I were pushing the limits on every song and pulling back when things got too maximal. Rick Rubin with the wisdom that man has sculpted a lot of my ideology on how to record a song.

What does "This That" mean to you?
This too, shall pass. Some people would align that phrase with getting through tough times, but the concept to me is all encompassing. Even moments where you feel on top of the highest mountain, that will pass through and you'll level out. We are constantly cycling through moments that are emotionally charged and I feel empowered by acknowledging that.


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