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Audley Releases Color Scheme

Audley has dropped the first single, "Color Scheme" from the upcoming album, ROY: A maximal exploration of color rooted in self reflection. He has taken time to reflect on his journey and is ready to own the narrative of self love, finding your true colors and being unapologetically yourself.

Listen to "Color Scheme" NOW!

 We were able to sit down with Audley to talk about the writing process and meaning of "Color Scheme!"

Tell us about the writing process for Color Scheme?
This was the second song that I wrote for ROY. I just moved home to Dayton, Ohio and was writing free flow poetry every day for two months, I wrote over 100 poems. My process was strictly rooting my words in my truth. Digging deep inside to reestablish a strong relationship with myself. Through that digging, I found the vision for the record. ROY is a maximal exploration of color through self reflection. When I got the production from Luna (internetboy), the hook came effortlessly. "I'm leaving the scene, I did it for me (ay). I'm keeping my sheen, so fresh and so clean (ay). I still have my team, yeah they family (ay). What's your color scheme? What's your color scheme? (ay)." It literally was the introduction paragraph to where I am right now in my life. I left Cincinnati for my mental and physical health. I've been growing out my hair (which is another conversation about my process. I don't cut my hair until I finish the album.) and I've been taking care of myself. My team... AGAR is family to me. I may have left the office but every member of the team is a Ride or Die and that will never change. I love them.

I would listen to the production and sing that hook over, and over, and over again. It brought me to tears most of the time because of how honest it was. Sitting down to write the verses took me the most time. I really wanted to speak my truth and not waste any time in the first verse. I want the listener to pick up on things and enjoy so I'll leave it at that. This song is my reintroduction into the audio realm and that makes me smile so big.

What does Color Scheme mean to you?
When a texture is added to a color, it completely shifts the narrative. That has been the idea that expanded how I view the world around and within me. This song was the beginning of tapping into that idea. Think about that when you listen to this album.

About Audley:
 Audley is a singer, songwriter and performer from Cincinnati, Ohio and has been a part of the music scene since 2011. Starting as strictly an underground hiphop artist, he found his voice and made a name for himself quickly getting to open up for artists such as Talib Kweli, Nas, Atmosphere, Noname, Murs, Big Sean, 2 Chains, Machine Gun Kelly and many more planting his flag in the ground for 4 years at Cincinnati’s Ubahn Music Festival.

As the sound design expanded, so did the world building. In 2018, he released his debut audio project, PINK which got him nominated for two Cincinnati Entertainment Awards! (Singer/Songwriter of the Year, R&B/Funk/Soul Artist of the Year).


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