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CincyMusic Editor Year in Review: It was Good as Hell

As the Editor in Chief of CincyMusic, each year I get to live my dream and write about music and music makers. This year I was able to check off quite a few bucket list performers to review, interview, and witness. The below is in no way all of my favorites of 2019, but the ones that skimmed the top. 


Cher: I was ESTACTIC to be able to review Cher at Nationwide Arena on February 10th.  Even the threat of a snowstorm and a two hour drive each way did not hold me back from seeing one of my ultimate idols perform. Cher did not disappoint. Cher is one of the BEST shows I have ever seen. She is charismatic, hilarious, stunning, and sounds better than ever. I can’t wait to see her again at Heritage Bank Center on April 7th

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View photos from the show (photo cred: Aaron Paschal)

Elton John: I could not believe my luck to be approved to review not one but TWO absolute music legends within a month. Elton John played U.S. Bank Arena on February 27th. I had seen John perform a number of times prior but as this was his, “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour, it felt different to me. During the show highlights from his half-century career flashed on the screen behind him. As he and his piano sauntered across the stage, I could feel that this show was going to resonate with me for a long time. What an honor.

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View photos from the show (photo cred: Michael Gabbard Photography)

Tyler Childers: Childers is no stranger to the Cincinnati-area. Having played Buckle Up Music Festival, Whispering Beard Folk Festival, as well as The Southgate House Revival a number of times – we almost consider him a local. Tyler SOLD OUT 3 nights at The Madison Theater in March! The night I attended was especially poignant as two of my favorite local bands – Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound and Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill opened. 

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View photos from the show (photo cred: Ron Valle)

Trisha Yearwood: Trisha Yearwood played The Taft Theatre on Saturday, October 26th. I have been a proud Trisha fan since my teens. As long as I have been a fan, I had only seen her one other time and that was on tour with Garth Brooks. It was only for a snippet of the show and I needed more Trisha! I was over the moon to have been approved to review Trisha Yearwood at one of my favorite venues of all time. She was everything I expected and more – humble, relatable, hilarious, and DAMN – she has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard live. 

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View photos from the show (photo cred: Whitney Denman)


Courtney Barnett – I adore Courtney Barnett. To say I was excited that she was finally going to be coming to town (thanks, Ian!) is an understatement. And then when I nailed down an interview with her to preview her show at The Madison Theater on July 1st, I was ecstatic! 

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View photos from the show (photo cred: Jon Calderas)

Maggie Curtis – Maggie Curtis is just one of the nicest people in Cincinnati. And as Regional Senior Marketing Manager at Live Nation, quite the heavy hitter in this town. I got to talk with Maggie about Bogart’s for our ongoing series about Venues in Cincinnati. She also invited me to Bogart’s for a behind the scenes tour and I was so grateful for the opportunity!

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Julie Brock – Julie is one of the coolest people I know. Every March CincyMusic does a series on Women Behind the Music in Cincinnati and I got to chat with Julie this year! Julie works at Cincinnati USA Regional Tourism Network as the Affiliate Engagement Manager. She is also a member of MUSE, Cincinnati's Women's Choir. Julie is also the best representative of a Cincinnatian I have ever met. 

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Margaret Darling– If you know me, it’s no secret that That Seedy Seeds are one of my favorite local bands of all time. I was elated to chat with her for our Women Behind the Music in Cincinnati series. Margaret is so forth coming and thoughtful. It was such a pleasure. 

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Lizzo - Damn! This was the year of Lizzo. How can you NOT love this beautiful, body-positive, uplifting, and REAL person?! Lizzo is exactly what we (I) needed this year. Lizzo is such an inspiration for myself and millions of others. I was lucky enough to be front row at her show at U.S. Bank Arena. This was the first arena Lizzo had ever played in AND she sold the damn thing out! Easily one of the most uplifting and dynamic shows I have ever been to. Lizzo was able to spread her self-worth unto the audience that night and I know for a fact that her inspiration has carried on to each of our daily lives since.

View photos from the show (photo cred: Ezra Plymesser)

The Get Up Kids - The Get Up Kids have been a staple band in my playlist for over 20 years. To the best of my fading memory, the only time I had ever seen them before was in Dayton opening for Green Day and again at Riot Fest a few years back. So, for as much as I love this band, this was my first time to devote the entire evening to this amazing band. The fact that they were playing at The Southgate House Revival, my favorite venue was a major plus. This show had every aspect of a show that makes me happy; seeing it with some of my favorite people, the crowd who loved the band just as much if not more than I did, and singalongs. 

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