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Review: Tyler Childers at Madison Theater, March 25th

Last night, Tyler Childers played night one of a three-day SOLD-OUT stint this week at Madison Theater. It’s a pretty big deal and a sure indicator that this is the last time we will see him on a stage smaller than U.S. Bank Arena or Riverbend the next go round. Fans came from near and far to pack the Madison Theater. 

Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle and Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound were the two opening bands. I hate to be partial, but I can’t think of any other two bands to have perfectly rounded out this amazing night of music. And by looking around and seeing quite a few Whispering Beard, Buffalo Wabs, and Arlo McKinley t-shirts, I think most in attendance agree with me. 

Buffalo Wabs & The Price Hill Hustle got the crowd in a tizzy from the get-go. They can now add to their resume to have “hustled” a sold-out audience at The Madison Theater. Wabs and the gang played our favorites as well as a few new songs. Casey Campbell exclaiming towards the end of the set, “We can all get along, it’s just that fucking easy.” 

Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound were up next. The crowd roared as Arlo and the band sauntered on stage. The music of Arlo McKinley & The Lonesome Sound is honest, heart-wrenching, and real. They most definitely won over a few hundred new fans with, “I’ve Got Her,” “Just Like the Rest,” and ending the set with, “Waiting for Wild Horses.”

Tyler Childers rise to fame is not surprising. I first saw Childers play at Buckle Up Music Festival in 2014. It was one of those performances that made all in attendance take notice. I have been following his career ever since.  His first album, Purgatory won him the Emerging Artist of the Year from the Americana Music Association. 

Tyler Childers is an old soul. You can hear it in his delivery through a voice overflowing of Appalachian yearning, through his emotionally charged lyrics, and his confidence on stage. It was a jam-packed setlist of favorites such as, “Feathered Indian,” “Whitehouse Road,” and “Nose on the Grindstone.” Childers band, The Foodstamps left the stage for Tyler to show off his solo range for a few songs including, “Lady May,” a song about the love of his life. Then the band hopped back on stage and jumped into “Universal Sound” seamlessly. 

Check out pics from the night!

Tyler Childers had the crowd in the palm of his hand from right out of the gate to the very end. If this is any indication of how the next two sold-out shows at the Madison Theater will go this week, these are going to be a run of shows that will not be forgotten any time soon.