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Moose’s 2018 Year in Review

The following is a list of musicians that for me did something really great this year. Listening to their albums or seeing them in person however the situation landed itself something about them moved me. Maybe I am taking it a little too serious, but hey that’s what I do. There is no rhyme or reason to this list either, and there are not even ten. This is just my list of favorites from this year. Again, this is just my list of favorites from this year gone by, and I hope you all enjoy. And, I hope for more of the same in this coming year, here is the list and GO LISTEN. 

The TillersThe Tillers. These boys have been busy to say the least, and when I finally heard this album I enjoyed every track. It’s fun, it’s political, and it’s poignant. 10 songs at a half hour in total run time, but when it is essentially on repeat that half hour can turn into two or three. 

Joe’s Truck StopAmerican Dreams. Country swing and honky tonkin is back and Joe’s Truck Stop is doing it right. This is record is just fun. Put whatever label you want on it, but at the end of the day it’s just fun and worthy of so much more than to just listen to. 

Chelsea Ford and The TroubleStonehouse Road. This is this trio’s debut album and it is simply fantastic. All platitude aside, this album is just really well done. Chelsea and the band left me speechless after a lot of listening. Still am, and all I can really do is say this is a must listen. For anyone that just appreciates music. 

Mountain Man: Magic Ship. I don’t remember where or how I heard of this trio, but when I did I was stopped in my tracks. The everything that is that they do is just amazing, and seemingly effortless and simple. 

Dead Ghosts: Dead Ghosts (2010). This band is a late addition to the list as I just hear them like a week or two ago, and what struck me was the fuzz of the vocal and the distorted Motown guitar riffs slash punk rock riffs slash just real good riffs on top of some really great songs. It may have come out eight years ago, but for me this was refreshingly awesome. 

Jeff Tweedy: WARM. I won’t say anything about this other than if you are a fan of his you should do yourself a favor and listen. If you have no idea who he is then check it out it’s worth the listen. If I keep going I’m just going to wind up reviewing the record and that is not what this is meant to be. 

John PrineTree of Forgiveness. While I love every song on this album, but when you get a song such as “Lonesome Friends of Science” it is just another reason why John Prine is one of the best songwriters. I have no problem saying that, and it sounds good. Also, any year that we get a John Prine album is a great year. I simply love this album and have listened many times and even made excuses to drive home to Chicago just so I could listen to it. 

Black Thought & Saleem Remi: Streams of Thought Vol. 2. This was very good because Black Thought is just amazing, 

This is just my list while everyone has their own, the beauty is music is still alive and as vibrant as ever. To me, that is most important and that is what makes me smile most. Have a great holiday and an even better new year.