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MOTR Pub hosts July Talk this Friday, February 10th.  The Canadian rock/alternative quintet contrasts the sweet, flirtatious voice of Leah Fay with the gruff, snarl of Peter Dreimanis over infectious rhythms and catchy hooks.    

The band’s self-titled first album included notable tunes like The Garden, which feels a lot like a grungy version of the Johnny Cash -  June Carter song “Jackson,” Other standouts include Guns + Ammunition, Gentleman, and Summer Dress. 

The group followed up their highly successful debut album with the release of Touch in the fall of 2016, and which is the impetus for Friday’s stop at MOTR.

Their most recent single, Picturing Love, will get your head bobbing and your hands clapping as Fay and Dreimanis lyrically bemoan the pressures of sex in the modern world.  The song Push + Pull initially grabs you with what sounds like the intro to ‘Carol of the Bells,’ but quickly escalates into a kick ass rock song.  My personal favorite, Strange Habit stands out for its softer, whisper-like conversation between ex-lovers attempting, unsuccessfully, to disentangle themselves from the habits that remain from their toxic relationship. 

If you don’t know July Talk, you need to.  Admission is free, so you have no excuse not to see them live on Friday starting at 7:00 p.m. at MOTR.


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July Talk Bring Rock to Bunbury

With a mix of blues and alternative rock, Toronto natives, July Talk, formed in 2012 and really emphasize that two singers with polar-opposite voices can come together and make music. The band consists of Leah Fay on vocals, Peter Dreimanis on vocals, Josh Warburton on bass, Ian Docherty on...