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Matthew Taulbee

Matt spends his days playing an attorney at a Northern Kentucky law firm, but moonlights at night as a contributor for CincyMusic where he has the privilege of doing two things he's passionate about: listening to great music and writing. His first published short story, 'My Night With Frank,' which focuses on the music of Frank Sinatra, is available on Amazon.  Matt also loves pitbulls, bourbon, and ethnic food.

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Review: Radiohead

The show started with a barrage of light particles and beams that felt as if you were moving through space in a rabbit hole as the band broke into “Daydreaming” off the 2016 album A Moon Shaped Pool.

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Review: A Perfect Circle

Fabric stalactites hung from the ceiling of the stage giving the perception that the audience was peering into a dark cave. And dark it was. Dark and foggy. Three raised, circular platforms which doubled in height moving left to right with the far-right circle being roughly 5 feet off the ground and housing the drum set of Jeff Friedl.

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Review: Big Boi

Born ‘Antwan Patton’ but his partners call him “Big Boi” aka “Daddy Fat Sacks,” and most famously known as one-half of the multi-platinum rap duo known as Outkast, Big Boi performed at the Madison Theater in Covington along with longtime Outkast collaborator, and fellow Atlantan, Killer Mike.

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Review: John Mayer

For certain people my age, upon telling them I was seeing John Mayer in concert I received both eye rolling and scoffing. But their ignorance (and lack of appreciation for an artist’s early work) is unfortunate because they have no idea that John Mayer is one of the greatest guitar players of our generation.

Review: Incubus

Incubus the band, not the sex-crazed spirit they’re named for, seems to thrive on contradiction and creating misconceptions. The five members from Calabasas, California led by Brandon Boyd, very much look like a grunge/punk/skater band to the core. But they’re music is far from grunge (in fact, it is not grunge at all), and the lyrics are surprisingly deep, meaningful, and thought provoking.

Review: OneRepublic at Riverbend

OneRepublic headlines the 16th installment of the Honda Civic Tour along with relative newcomer James Arthur, and Fitz and the Tantrums. The Tour made its fourth stop at Riverbend on an absolutely dreadful day. Luckily for all in attendance, the torrential rain moved out and a hot, steamy night ensued several hours before the gates opened.

Review: My Morning Jacket

The remnants of Tropical storm Cindy and the steady rain could not damper the enthusiasm of the fans of My Morning Jacket as they turned out in droves to see the Louisville band Thursday night at the PNC Pavilion.  Playing before a nearly packed house, the band did not disappoint.  Opening with ‘Compound Fracture’ off their most recent album The Waterfall, the band wasted no time getting down to business

Review of The Head and The Heart

While The Head and The Heart have recently gained radio traction with ‘All We Ever Knew’ off their Signs of Light album, the folky Seattle group is one of those bands you’ll swear you’ve heard a million times.  That’s not to belittle who they are, but is more an indication of the feelings their music and lyrics invoke in the listener.

Muse Close Out Bunbury Music Festival

Muse joins the list of well-established, big name bands to grace the stages of Bunbury like The Killers and The Black Keys before them.  The British trio, much like The Killers, is a hard band to categorize. Matt Bellamy, Dominic Howard, and Chris Wolstenholme have been putting out instant...

Wiz Khalifa Will Bring Bunbury to a Blaze

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than 6 years since Wiz broke into the mainstream rap scene with back-to-back hits ‘Black and Yellow’ and ‘Roll Up,’ which were actually on his 3rd album titled Rolling Papers.  Since then, it seems as if the man born...

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Show Review + The Revivalists Announce Lineup For Big River Get Down

The southern rock, soul, country, jam band The Revivalists played to a sold out crowd at Covington’s Madison Theater on Tuesday night.  In asking concertgoers where they were from, it became apparent that large contingents of Hamiltonians were showing their support for one of their own:...

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Review: Cal Scruby

Cal Scruby and I have many things in common, it seems.  We went to the same high school, we grew up on rap, and apparently both have an affinity for Chris Brown.  So, I was interested to analyze his headlining show at Bogart’s, which was being repped by 101.1 WIZF, and is in support...