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The Grove Nailed Their EP Release Party

Northside Tavern was the place to be Friday night during what was a very emotional and captivating EP release party for The Grove.

It was a packed house, as in there was barely enough room to walk, during their hour and a half performance.

The Grove took the stage after 90 Proof Twang and before Counterfeit Money Machine. It was around 11 p.m. when The Grove opened with “Fall Back,” which is the second track off of their previous album Pseudothump. Immediately the crowd was headbanging to the Stevie Ray Vaughn-like tune.

They performed a mixture of old and new originals and some pretty fantastic covers including “Give it Away” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and “Hey Girl” by O.A.R.  The band really illustrated that they have what it takes to move on up the ladder in the music industry. 

During “Desiri,” which is a song off of their first full-length album, Procuriosity, Adam brought his mom to stand up front by the stage. The song’s title is derived from the word “Desire” and is about the believing in oneself which lead to them performing songs off of their latest EP, Coming to Terms.

It was an emotional night due to the recent death of Adam and Matt’s father earlier this week. Adam’s guitar solos and Matt’s keyboard solos just really took their audience on a heartfelt journey. 

Throughout the night, the band not only performed some old tracks and covers, but also performed some tracks off of their latest EP, Coming to Terms.  Songs such as “Either Way,” “What Can We Do,” revised version of “Anna-Lee” and their latest single, “Bring You Up” were very crowd pleasing performances.

With each performance, the crowd got involved by either clapping along or swaying back and forth or even dancing along to the incredible tunes. The band really illustrated their musical ability, especially while performing their new songs.

After an hour and a half of jamming and really giving their best show to date, the band performed what was thought to be the last song of the night.  “Anna-Lee,” was dedicated to Adam and Matt’s late father.  It was a reminder to them that, “Everything is going to be okay,” said Adam.

The amount of people that were there for support, especially during this time for the band was a very big deal. It was almost as if the band were astonished at how many people came out just to see them. As Adam put it during the show, “When in time of need, people arrive.”

The band did such an amazing job that the crowd kept chanting “Encore” and “One more song.” So, they decided to sing an O.A.R. cover of “Hey Girl.” The whole crowd was dancing and singing along. 

It was very easy to capture the emotion that each and every one the band members put in to their performance Friday night. This latest EP really gravitates the ability of what these guys can do, but studio recordings do not give them justice. Seeing them live puts them on a whole different plane.

Fall Back
Know Trouble
My Mind/Kaldrone
Give It Away/War Pigs-Red Hot Chili Peppers and Black Sabbath
What We Can Do
Either Way
Cranberry Life
Bring You Up

Hey Girl-O.A.R. Cover 


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The Grove Release EP at Northside Tavern 

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