Noah Smith Expands his Big Ol Family at tSGHR on Friday

This Friday night at The Southgate House Revival, prepare yourself for a party with the best of Cincy’s #BigOlFamily. Noah Smith, Jess Lamb, Wilder, and Ky Myle team up for what may very well be the party of 2016 thus far.

We caught up with Noah Smith for a preview of what to expect! Friday is a big show at The Southgate House Revival, what can your #BigOlFamily expect?
Noah Smith: Like most of my "family" gatherings who knows what to expect (laughs). One thing is for certain there is an energy amongst fans, my band, and even myself are eager for what's coming. We have some new songs to share and a few special guest to make the night just right. 

We've been busy working on the new record and cabin fever is definitely setting in. Even though we aren't on some major world tour right now, for us these little dots sprinkles across the map of 2016 is OUR tour.

So we are going to make every night count. This is going to be a great movement into the rest of the year. The Southgate House Revival is most definitely our home in the area. I look at our fans that come to see us as our guest so we try to give them a night they are going to wake up in the morning and know not only they came to a Noah Smith show last night but that they had an incredible evening altogether. I hope for that anyway. It feels good to come back home and stir up the family every once in a while.

CM: It’s a diverse music lineup happening. What prompted you to reach outside your genre for a show?
NS: I've always loved bringing different worlds together and giving my fans a quality night of music. We cross promote each other's stories, collaborate, and share the WIN amongst ourselves. Unfortunately, in the "country" world and I guess you could say a lot of styles music people create a lot of artist do not see that point of view. I truly believe it's the only answer. We aren't country singers, or hard core rockers, or hip hop, or jazz cats. We are people, that play music. My identity isn't in country music. That's just what I do. I thank God for that outlook on this whole thing because it's saved me from a lot of bar fights (laughs). Jess Lamb is such a huge talent and appealing human being. Some people have pulverizing souls and what comes out of that is music that effects people in a special way. Jess and her band are sincerely tapping into that. Wilder is filled with some of the best songwriters this town has. I've been a fan of theirs from the word go. I'll definitely be hanging out during their set. I love seeing people that love each other make music together and the first time I caught a Ky Myle set, I was hooked. Damn this is a good line up. Is it Friday yet?

CM: What is next for Noah Smith?
NS: What's next for me is to finish grilling this lemon pepper chicken I've been working on. Oh you meant musically? Just like every other band in the world we have a summer packed full of shows. However, I really looking forward to being a part of Buckle Up Music Festival, and the Bootyard Bash this year. We are also going on the road more through the summer and fall as well.

The biggest (WHATS NEXT) is my new record. We are about half way through tracking right now and I can say I'm more excited about this project than anything I have ever been a part of. This is also the most collaborative music I've ever made. My band has settled in with me and now becoming more and more a part of the music I make and the songs I write. I wrote some songs by myself but I also wrote with my band mates and even some TN pals. It's definitely the next snap shot of my life that I felt needed to be heard. You can look for a new single to release mid summer and the new record (hopefully) this fall. I'm focused on songwriting more than ever and thrilled for the songs we landed on this record. The whole thing is really coming to life before my eyes. There's so much urgency in music today to write it / record it / release, and do it quick. We've committed to the long cut, and believe this record isn't one to be forced. We are learning to not spread ourselves to thin as human beings, and as musicians. This process is what I've been believing in since I was a punk kid who knew nothing about music, I just knew how to sweat, swear, and smash stuff. I knew this type of music making existed, I just never knew where to find it. Life happened and here we are.

It's the Ramon Noodle effect...who ever starves the longest wins, and I'm not going anywhere. I think we are tapping into that sweet spot and a long career together. That's truly something special. Even if we come up short of perfect we are still humbled by the lives we have been living. The pieces are in place for something great. We've been learning how to collectively stay out of the way of the songs and let it all happen. We really aren't forcing anything this time. My band and I have grown a ton as players and songwriters and I can already hear that process pouring out in the studio. I'm incredibly blessed by the team I have and can't wait to see where this year takes us. I'm looking forward to taken it all in...and this lemon pepper chicken!

Noah Smith Presented by
w/ Jess Lamb, Wilder, and Ky Myle
The Southgate House Revival
Friday, April 29th