Ky Myle

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Ky Myle - Originated in the hills of Eastern Kentucky, blending their sound with the influences of Country, Blues, Roots, and Rock. This now husband and wife duo, Rick and Pam Kinman, was brought together by the very music that they love. Their vocal harmonies add a unique element that is reminiscent of the great country duets of the past and present. In 2016, Ky Myle celebrated the release of thier debut EP, Vein Of Coal. Ky Myle pours their love for what they do into every

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The "F" Bomb - Females of Folk & Funk 

Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 22nd! Herzog Studio and The Southgate House Revival are hosting events that feature local and regional female musicians both entitled The “F” Bomb – Females of Folk & Funk! 

Noah Smith Expands his Big Ol Family at tSGHR on Friday 

This Friday night at The Southgate House Revival, prepare yourself for a party with the best of Cincy’s #BigOlFamily. Noah Smith, Jess Lamb, Wilder, and Ky Myle team up for what may very well be the party of 2016 thus far. We caught up with Noah Smith for a preview of what to...

Urban Artifact Hosts Emmylou Harris Birthday Tribute 

On Sunday, April 3rd come on down to Urban Artifact for a birthday tribute for Emmylou Harris! This will also be a fundraiser for the United Coalition for Animals in Cincinnati (UCAN). Featuring the music of her legendary Hot Band, three classic albums - Pieces of the Sky, Elite Hotel, and Luxury...

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