Neighborhood Venues of Cincinnati: Northside Yacht Club

photo credit: Jensen Faye

This 20th century gastropub in Northside is not just known for their mixology and smoked wings, but is also a great place for bands to come and perform.  Jon Weiner and Stuart MacKenzie first opened Northside Yacht Club, formally known as Mayday, at the end of the summer of 2015 and been busy ever since. Weiner, was a manager at Japps 1879 and MacKenzie still does marketing and events for Wellman’s Brand bars some of which include Myrtle's Punch House, The Famous Neon’s Unplugged, and The Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar.

The owners took a look at the history of the building, which was called Northside Electricity. They found out that during the 1937 flood, people would actually take a boat to the building, hence the name Northside Yacht Club.

photo credit: Jensen FayeNorthside Yacht Club

The owners decided to keep the original name due to the fact that they wanted to keep the nautical theme and welcoming, laid back vibe to the place.

“We thought it was kind of the Northside, musician artist vibe to it,” said MacKenzie.

With multiple stages bands such as Vacation, The Queers, Leftover Crack, and Masked Intruder have played countless shows at this rustic yet modern venue. Vampire Weekend's only stop in the market was at this same place back in 2008.

They thought of creating a place where musicians can be “treated right,” said MacKenzie.

MacKenzie is also a member of the band DAAP Girls, The Lions Rampant, and both of the owners are members of the Cincinnati Royals. Jon is also a member of The Dopamines.

 “We just want to have a place where you can work, go on tour, come back, and still have a job,” said MacKenzie. “When bands come, we try and be as welcoming as possible and give them a green room, some food, and some beer.”

photo credit: Jensen Faye
Northside Yacht Club 

Along with some great music comes food and alcohol. Executive Chef, John Spicer, (previously, of Sotto and Nuvo) created an array of items on the menu. They are most well-known for their smoked chicken wings, but also have pulled pork and some vegan items too. To garnish some of that flavor, add one of their tropical mixed drinks.  Jon Weiner put together a cocktail list that go with the theme of bar such as the Banana Daiquiri and Kentucky Surfin’.

Northside Yacht Club
photo credit: Jensen Faye

With several different stages and a back patio, there is plenty of room to mingle and enjoy some great music. Even though the bar/venue has not been open for an entire year yet, the owners are always looking for what is going to be the future of this place-possibly a venue where bands/artists can stay the night.  As of right now, the owners are focusing on the quality and atmosphere of the place.

Northside Yacht Club is located at 4231 Spring Grove Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45223.  For information about artists/ bands performing, click here.

Northside Yacht Clubphoto credit: Jensen Faye

Northside Yacht Club
photo credit: Jensen Faye

Northside Yacht Club
photo credit: Jensen Faye

Northside Yacht Club
photo credit: Jensen Faye

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