Old Sea Brigade & Young Heirlooms at MOTR

Old Sea Brigade’s Ben Cramer grew up playing in dozens of bands. At the age of 24, Ben’s musical path has had time to mature, develop and reinvent itself a number of times. A pivotal moment came when he was introduced to producer Jeremy Griffith in the spring of 2009. After a series of events, in the spring of 2015, Ben found himself moving back home to Atlanta, after living in five different cities while chasing different musical endeavors.

In June of 2015, Ben ended up going down to Florida for five days to record five songs with Griffith. This collection of songs turned into what is now Old Sea Brigade. Each song on the EP was first recorded bare bones with an acoustic guitar or piano and vocals; everything else on the recordings was added later for texture.

Catch Old Sea Brigade at MOTR Pub on Monday, February 15th with Young Heirlooms and Christian Hutson! Admission is FREE and the music starts at 10p.