The Evolution of Keeps

Expect The Southgate House to get a little spacey with Nashville duo, Keeps. Gusti Escalante and Robbie Jackson met on the first day of college. Escalante asked Jackson, ‘Do you want to just come to my room and play music?’ and we ended up writing a song or two that day. For a week and half straight we ended up writing a song or more a day”.

The band’s progression from their self-titled EP, to “rift”, and the soon to be release of Brief Spirit is remarkably evident. Their first release “really came to fruition from more of the standpoint of that those were the first few songs we were writing and we were still kind of forming ourselves as a band. The songs on that album kind of jump all over the place. We reformed as a band and just kind of honed in on a sound and became more comfortable with ourselves and our sound and the vision that we had in mind. We were both really influenced by 50s and 60s psychedelia and that kind of genre of music. It was a natural thing, I suppose”.

“I think we were hiding behind a lot of reverb and a lot of the guitar effects”, admits Escalante of previous albums, “but we honed in on the songwriting and the actual idea of the song more than the sound, if that makes sense. I don't think that goes without saying that we did try to get a lot of interesting sounds on the new record”. Recording with the help of their former drummer in his Nashville home, the band has moved onto the next step of their very own space-dream evolution chart with Brief Spirit (out in March).

Practice that good concert etiquette with Keeps on the last date of their tour TONIGHT at The Southgate House Revival with support from Orchards and The Yugos.

Keeps w/The Yugos & Orchards
Saturday, January 30, 2016
8pm doors / 9pm show
The Southgate House Revival


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