5 Concert Etiquette Tips

KP Photography - Bunbury Festival 2013

For me, concert season is every season but sometimes shows can be sullied by those who have no etiquette. This goes beyond tipping your bartender and saying “excuse me” when pushing to stand as close to your favorite performer as possible. This delves into the territory of cell phones, mosh pits, and even rides home.

1) Turn off your cell phone
Seriously. The only time I'm on my phone is to take notes and snap a picture for Instagram. Just think, if you take a video of your favorite band, how many times will you watch it again? How much memory will it eat up in your phone? Put your phone down, feel the music, and relic in the atmosphere of all that is holy in your chosen music venue. I recently went to watch Garbage Greek in Columbus and witnessed a grown man put his cell phone directly in the face of the lead singer…for multiple songs…while dancing along, while us short people had to move to in order to compensate for this one dude’s shaky-as-hell cell phone video dream of making it big or whatever. Feel the music and save the selfies for after the show.

2) Pay attention to the shorter people around you
I was not naturally blessed with the gift of height, but there have been many a time a tall person squeezes their way in front of me without batting an eye. Look at your surroundings or better, communicate with the height challenged person about whether they are able to see. It's a short conversation (see what I did there) that will save you a headache or act of violence from me.

3) Get a ride there
We all want to have fun, but risking your life or the lives of others before and after your good time is far from worth it. Convince a friend to drive or take advantage of the multitude of cheap rides home, be it Uber, cab, bus, your feet, the list goes on to be honest.

4) Mosh Pits
They’re awesome. Don’t want to be in one? Steer clear and pay attention to your surroundings. See a person fall down in the pit? Stop. Help them up. Do you.

5) Knock a drink out of someone's hand? Buy them another
Drinks are expensive and your Fireball-only shot taking ass just knocked over a person's $13 dollar drink. So. Not. Cool. Offering to buy another is the best thing to do in a situation like this. The person may not even take you up on the offer or you may meet the love of your life, you just never know, ok?

You're on your way to becoming a decent person in 2016, why not start while you're having fun?

Have any other concert etiquitte tips to add? Share them in the comments below!


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