Come Take a Journey with Keeps

Keeps is dream pop band from Nashville, TN originally formed by Gusti Escalante and Robbie Jackson. Their creative synergy is tangible. A mutual appreciation for the charisma and melody of classic British artists such as David Bowie, Echo and the Bunnymen, and J.A.M.C.; as well as the nostalgia of classic Americana informs songwriting that is beyond their years. Gusti's earnest lyricism wrapped in a reverby haze of guitars, worms its way into your heart. Keeps are releasing their debut in early March 2016, titled Brief Spirit via Old Flame Records (Potty Mouth, Lost Boy? Life Size Maps, etc.) 

Catch them at The Southgate House Revival this Saturday, January 30th with The Yugos

“Each performance is an epic journey into [their] hearts and minds… Everything adds up to create an experience so gripping you can’t help but be moved.” -Planet Rad

"Of the many alluring clichés in music criticism, comparing shoegaze music to water is one of the hardest to resist. That said, Nashville psychedelic pop act Keeps evoke nothing so much as a lazy river, with yearning vocals floating along atop a gentle but insistent tide of echoing guitar textures and rhythms." -Walt Lewellyn (Weld for Birmingham)


The Evolution of Keeps 

Expect The Southgate House to get a little spacey with Nashville duo, Keeps. Gusti Escalante and Robbie Jackson met on the first day of college. Escalante asked Jackson, ‘Do you want to just come to my room and play music?’ and we ended up writing a song or two that day. For a week and...