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Automagik Play The Drinkery at MPMF

Glam, rock, indie band, Automagik are amped and ready for MidPoint Music Festival next weekend. The band played with Matt and Kim at the University of Cincinnati’s Red and Black Bash in August. Just prior to that they released the amazing video for “Pop Kiss”. I can’t wait to see what is next for Automagik! We chatted with the band to get some insight on what that might be. Catch them at MidPoint Music Festival on Saturday September 26th at The Drinkery at 11:15p!

Tell us about how great is was to play at The Red and Black Bash! 
The Red and Black Bash was an incredible experience. We've played to large crowds before, but never one as engaged and energetic as that one. It was as if we all were injected with bearcat blood in one place, and had a common purpose for one night.

Your last video was amazing, any more lined up for release?
Awww thank you. Roman Luck is an amazing videographer, and Zachary put together some incredible visuals and animations to really bring the concept of the song to life. As far as new releases go, our latest single "F**cked Up" has been out for a couple months now without a video, and has gotten some really incredible reactions from people. Now we just have to nail down the perfect video concept and visual style to match the absurdity of that song. We'll get there soon, but it has gotta be right. Which is always a process in itself. But we hope to have a video for "F**cked Up" in the next couple months. Stay tuned.

Who are you looking forward to seeing at MPMF?
Besides the heavy hitters like Iron and Wine and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.? We're really excited to see a band that plays after our set at The Drinkery on September 26 called Sphnyx. Really fun loving and energetic pop and roll band from Austin, TX. We're really excited to see their live show and hang. We feel as though there aren't many bands that can go glam for glam with us, and they bring it in full force.

What is next for Automagik? 
EP Release. Tour. Repeat. Our new EP will be coming out in October. Then we're hitting the road to play CMJ in New York City, then traveling back to play with Electric Six in Columbus. Then back home to Cincinnati for a proper EP release show, then we're off. We'll be hitting the road in November to support the EP, with not a lot of plans to stop anytime soon. 

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