What Moon Things Brings Their Original Sound to MOTR Pub

Mixed with a little Modest Mouse and Fugazi, What Moon Things are an indie rock band that developed their distorted, grunge-like sound in New Paltz, NY.

The band consists of Jake Harms on guitar/ vocals, and John Morisi on drums /vocals. Harms guitar skills and grunge-like melodies along with Morisi’s thunder-like beats really set this band aside from any indie rock band today.

In June 2014, What Moon Things came out with their first full length self-titled album which brings out the raw emotions of the band.

The band drove from their hometown down to Georgia to actually get the record mixed by producer Scott Nicholas (who also produced their sophomore album, Swim).  They later took that idea even further and recorded the album in several of different cities making the album have an insane amount of variety.

Their next record, which is titled Swim, will be out later this year. Like their previous record, the album was recorded in several of different cities and has a broader and darker sound. According to the band, it is an expansion of their previous album.

The band, who have been on their Summer Fitness Tour since Monday, will make their way to Cincinnati on Saturday and will end the tour in Baltimore, MD on August 10.

What Moon Things will be performing their newer and older tracks on Saturday at MOTR Pub with Sweet Lil.