Summer Heart Live at MOTR Pub

Born and raised in Sweden, David Alexander aka Summer Heart, began experimenting in the studio with some synthesizers in 2009 as side project with no vision and then blew up into well-known low-fi/ electronica/guitar indie musician. In 2010, his friends heard his music and posted them online and Alexander quickly gained followers.

With a mixture of MGMT and the Washed Out, Summer Heart influences come from nostalgia, his friend’s bands, and a band called The Raveonettes. “I really like how they make such great tunes and melodies with what is pretty simple, but clever chord patterns and riffs,” said Alexander.

He originally had the name Sommarhjärta which means Summer Heart in Swedish, but changed it to Summer Heart once he started to gain more fans. The Swedish performer will be performing not only during South by Southwest, SxSW this year, but will be in Cincinnati at MOTR Pub on Sunday with Indigo Wild and Desert Noises.

Summer Heart has released two EPs and two full-length albums since 2011 and another EP due out in April.  The electronica/guitar-indie musician illustrates the sepia, chill, happiness vibe that reminds people of being out by the lake on a hot summer day.

“I guess it is a mixture of all the music I like and listen to,” said Alexander. “It is a hard place to be because people don’t really see Summer Heart as an electronic act neither a guitar band.”

The recording process for each song is remotely diverse whereas sometimes he will play a few chords, record, then play it back, add some drums, and then just add the layers. Other times Alexander, who also used to write poetry, will start with the vocal melody and incorporate some of his poetry into the music.

“I am not sure if I’ve become a better or worse musician since I started Summer Heart to be honest, but I have definitely learned that it’s worth trusting your gut feeling when you write and record music,” said Alexander. 

Be excited to hear more of the guitar-indie vibe to Summer Heart on Sunday at MOTR Pub.



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