Jim Casto Releases Bearcoustic Session

Jim Casto is a singer-songwriter from Cincinnati, deriving much of his musical influence from time spent with songwriters a-like in Northeastern Ohio. Recently he recorded a Bearcoustic Session with Bearcast Media!  Brave the snow and check him out tonight with Wilder at MOTR Pub! The show is FREE and starts at 10p. 

Give us some back story on Jim Casto…
I grew up locally here in Cincinnati and have been playing guitar and singing since I was 15.   Much of my musical influence is derived from the musicians I met during my time in Northeast Ohio.  There was an open mic night in Kent, OH that helped shaped what I currently listen to and definitely guides my writing style.  Our sound is a mix of singer/songwriter, folk, rock n’ roll, with hints of country.  Honestly, I guess it all depends on the song.  There are few different styles throughout the album.  

What do you love about being a musician in Cincinnati?  
Mainly the fact that there is a prevalent local original music scene.  So many venues provide a platform for original bands to perform.  Honestly, there are many nights where I’m torn between a few different shows.  I think that’s a good indicator of the talent that tri-state area.  Makes you work harder to be heard, which I think is a good thing.  

Tell us about your songwriting process…
I haven’t really figured out a process for writing songs.  I tend to write spur of the moment, typically when something is already weighing on my mind.  I’m definitely not the kind of writer who writes a song a week, but when I do write something, it ends up being more therapeutic than anything.  The songs on the upcoming album where written over 6-7 year period; which can be good and bad.  While you typically want to play songs out that are new and exciting to you, this album will give a good summary of my twenties.  Some of the songs have become nostalgic, while others have taken on new meanings over the years.  

How did you get involved with Bearcast Media?
I have always been a fan of hearing songs that I like, broken down into acoustic form.  So when I saw that UC had a media program that was doing just that, I decided to bug them with some emails.  Lucky for us, we were eventually put in contact with Rachel Koch; who was extremely helpful in scheduling us to record a Bearcoustic Session.  Since most of our songs start with an acoustic base, we felt we'd be a good fit.  They are doing some really cool things there at Bearcast Media, and we feel fortunate to be a part of one of the many projects. 

What is next for Jim Casto? 
Right now we have pretty much completed almost all of the recording for the album.  The guys from Dr. Hue and I have been recording off and on over the past few years and we’re ready to get this out there, out anywhere.  Most of the work from here on out will be production (mix/master) and promotion.  We are in the process of planning an album release which will hopefully be late spring.