Fluffer Want to Immerse You at The Woodward Theater

Fluffer is a heavy dance-rock trio that is evolving into increasingly uncharted territory. Formed 3 winters ago in Bloomington, IN, they quickly made a name for themselves by combining blinding psychedelic flavors with a propulsive and kinetic rhythm section. Drawing comparisons to Deerhoof, Battles,and Tame Impala, the group became a staple of the local underground house show scene.

The summer of 2013 saw Fluffer relocate to Cincinnati, OH and undergo a radical change to their sound. Increasingly inspired by the recent Glasgow maximalism and the intricacies of trap music, the group began using extensive electronics as they moved into deeper beat driven areas. With an array of new sounds and songs, Fluffer has become a far more powerful body-mover than ever before. 

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We sat down with Fluffer before their show this Friday at The Woodward Theater with Near Earth Objects and Speaking Suns!

Give us some background on Fluffer…
Fluffer was created in a cold windowless basement in Bloomington, IN in early 2011.  We were very into the idea of playing loud and bright music that could be classified as both "dance" and "rock" music, but we also wanted it to be very weird and somewhat overwhelming: kind of like putting Animal Collective and The Clash together.  While in Bloomington, we played lots of shows in sweaty basements to drunk college kids and released a live EP and a full-length album. When we graduated from Indiana University in the summer of '13 we really felt we needed a change of scenery so we moved to Cincinnati.  Around the same time, we had become much more interested in electronic music and began to really trying to make every song as dance-able as possible.  All three of us began using more electronic sounds and experimenting with MIDI. In May of 2014 we released our most recent EP Crusader/Destroyer.   

What can one expect at a live Fluffer show?
Our goal for our live shows is to create a totally immersive experience.  We feel a great way to experience music is to get so totally lost in it so that whatever is normally going on in the back of your brain stops, so that's something we do our best to create for our audience.  That being said, the experience usually ends up being very LOUD.  We love to play shows and we have a lot of fun playing live so we hope that translates into a fun experience for the listener.  

What is your favorite thing about being a Cincinnati band?
Our favorite thing about being a Cincy band is definitely the overwhelming amount of support for whatever weird ideas we want to try out either live or in the studio. It's amazing to be in a community where people are so supportive of experimentation and general strange-ness and being in a city where there are places to do that has definitely shaped us as a band. Living in Cincinnati also has other benefits like being close to lots of other major midwestern cities, which is great for touring regionally.  

What is next for Fluffer?
Over the next couple months we're going to take some time off from touring and use the winter months to finish writing the batch of songs we've been working on and hopefully start work on a new recording.  We've also been working on some other media-related projects that should be out in the near future.  In the meantime, we'll be playing shows in Cincy, hope to see you there! 


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