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"Fluffer is an electronic dance-rock duo whose sound is evolving into increasingly uncharted territory..."

Formed in Bloomington IN, they quickly made a name for themselves by combining blinding psychedelic flavors with a propulsive and kinetic rhythm section. Drawing comparisons to Deerhoof, Battles,and Tame Impala, Fluffer has become renowned for their live show expeience, both amongst a growing fan base and press accolades.  Fluffer has played over 220 shows and has toured extensively throughout the eastern and southern United States.

The summer of 2013 saw Fluffer release their debut album Skopsi, relocate to Cincinnati, OH and undergo a radical change to their sound. Increasingly inspired by the recent Glasgow maximalism and the intricacies of trap music, the group began using extensive electronics as they moved into deeper beat driven areas.  Since then, the group has released two EPs: Crusader/Destroyer (2014) and OwLPatDan (2015).  Their newest full-length release, Fluffer, is slated to be released August 2016. 


YDIYD: Sleigh Bells, Rustie, Battles, Javelin, Dope Body, Chromeo


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